Forest Ecosystems: Analysis at Multiple Scales


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This revision maintains the position of Forest Ecosystems as the one source for the latest information on the advanced methods that have enhanced our understating of forest ecosystems. Further understanding is given to techniques to explore the changes in climatic cycles, the implications of wide-scale pollution, fire and other ecological disturbances that have a global effect. The inclusion of models, equations, graphs, and tabular examples provides readers with a full understanding of the methods and techniques.

* Includes a revised section on important advances in regional scale analyses

* Features an update to global scale analyses including revised color images

* Provides a detailed comparison of predicted vs. observed tree diversity across 65 eco-regions

* New companion website includes modeling software exercises and tutorials and video clips

ISBN 9780123706058
EISBN 9780080546087
المؤلف Waring, Richard H.; Running, Steven W.
الناشر Elsevier S & T

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